Late To The Party… Youtube Play Alongs and Lessons

As promised some years ago, I’m FINALLY getting round to going back through the transcription archive on the site and making corrections – thanks to those sharp-eared subscribers who’ve been kind enough to point out some glaring errors in some of my charts!

I’m also in the process of finishing off a backlog of half-finished transcriptions (my Sibelius folder has around 600 unfinished files in it, so be patient!) which will be posted over the coming months.

Last but not least I’ve finally hit the red button on my camera and started making Youtube videos – these will include lessons, play alongs of transcriptions and footage from gigs and studio work. If there’s anything specific that you’d like to see included in these videos then let me know by commenting on this post.

I’ll be adding play alongs of the 10 most popular transcriptions on the site to help clarify fingerings and position shifts. First up is Jerry Jemmott’s part on Aretha Franklin’s ‘I Say A Little Prayer’:

Aretha Franklin – ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ Transcription

Here’s a chart for a classic Aretha tune that I found myself playing on a gig a few months ago. This is a great example of a pop song that contains multiple time signatures which might not be immediately apparent to the listener – the phrasing of the vocal necessitates bars of 2/4 and 3/4 but the song never feels ‘odd’.

As far as Jerry Jemmott’s part goes things are kept simple, with a supportive, predominantly root-based line throughout.

Aretha Franklin – ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ Transcription